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LPN to RN Online Bridge



A licensed practical nurse (LPN) may request advanced placement in the Associate Degree Nursing Program.  The AD Nursing program prepares students to take the NCLEX-RN exam for state licensure to practice as a registered nurse.  The AD Nursing program is approved by the Kansas Board of Nursing and accredited by the Commission for Education in Nursing.  Graduates have the foundation to continue their education at baccalaureate granting institutions. Individuals are encouraged to contact the director of the program.

Curriculum Information

LPN to RN OBP Admission

Application to the Bridge program may be submitted March 1, 2018 through July 30, 2018 for the class starting the 2019 spring semester.

The selection committee meets on an as needed basis to consider applicants who have completed the application process. The completion of the application is the student's responsibility.  If you are not selected for the January start date then you will need to submit a new application each year.


Application Checklist
Application Admission Information

Additional Requirements

  1. Have graduated from an accredited school of practical nursing in the United States.
  2. Submit official transcripts showing completion of all requirements and certification conferred.
  3. Hold an unencumbered PN license in the State in which the Applicant resides.
  4. If graduation was more than three years ago, LPN's must have 1000 hours documented LPN work experience within the last three years.
  5. Science courses (A & P and Microbiology) are valid for up to seven (7) years.
  6. Complete equivalent transferable prerequisites general education requirements.

Kaplan Entrance Exam

How to take the Kaplan Exam

BEFORE submitting an application for the 2020 Online Bridge Program, you are required to successfully complete the Kaplan Admissions Exam by meeting program benchmarks. 

You are allowed to take the exam twice if needed but a 2 week waiting period is required.

Deadline to successfully complete the Kaplan Admissions Exam is July 30, 2019 for the 2020 OBP.


The most recent edition of the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam (7th Edition) is recommended as a study guide by Kaplan and is available at the HutchCC Bookstores or at:

Subjects which will be used for admission are: Reading, Math, Writing, Science.  Exam results must be at or above program benchmarks.