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Concurrent enrollment partnership student means a person who enrolled in classes at a high school at which approved high school teachers teach college credit classes during the normal school day. He/she is also in either of grades 10,11 or 12, or who is gifted and is acceptable or has been accepted for enrollment at an eligible postsecondary education institution.

Concurrently enrolled students must meet institutional enrollment requirements, follow institutional procedures regarding assessment/placement, and satisfy course prerequisites.  The CEP policy offers more information about student eligibility.
Concurrent Enrollment Policy

Concurrent Enrollment Brochure

Student Step By Step Process

1 ) Select a Class

If you are interested in taking courses offered for college credit while in high school, please see your High School Counselor. To access offerings on the HutchCC campus, please go to the course schedule by following the link below.

   Contacted High School Counselor: _______________

2 ) Apply for Admission

The admissions application is an easy online step to getting your foot into the door at HutchCC. If you prefer, you can also request a paper application or come by admissions and we will help you fill it out.

   Date of completion of admissions application: _______________

3 ) Placement Testing

To enroll in college credit courses, high school students must have qualifying ACT or HutchCC assessment scores. For next steps, contact your High School Counselor or the HutchCC admissions office.

   Qualiying Scores taken: _______________

   Scores recieved or entered by HutchCC: _______________

4 ) Enroll

Please contact an HutchCC Enrollment Center or your High School Counselor to enroll in your selected courses.

   Enrolled in Courses: _______________

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Step Ahead Program


Get a step ahead! After you graduate from High School, enroll fulltime at HutchCC for your freshmen year and we will reimburse your tuition for the courses you took from HutchCC while in High School.