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Reno County FAQ

Q? When do evening classes start?
A: Full length semester classes start in January, June, and August, starting at 4pm and after. Call and schedule an appointment with an advisor at (620)665-3377 to see what might work with your schedule!
Q? Is tuition for Evening College different from regular tuition?
A: The tuition is the same as for other on-campus courses.
Q? I work all day and need a schedule that fits my life. Do you offer any fast and flexible courses?
A: Yes! Hutchinson Community College offers the Fast Forward program which combines hybrid, online, and face to face classes. Accelerated class schedules provide more opportunities for you. For more information visit:
Q? I need to get a few quick credits in-between the semesters - do you offer those type of courses?
A: Yes! See a list of courses offered in Winter or Summer Quick Term at
Q? Is there a discount available in relation to age of a student taking a for-credit course?
A: Yes, there are two different discounts available for students in a particular age range.  Current high school students and seniors (age 60) pay $67 per credit hour.
Q? What is a concurrent class?
A: A concurrent class allows high school students to take college courses for credit at their high school during the regular school hours.For more information visit:
Q? Do I have to be an HCC student to take a non-credit class?
A: Yes, but the application process is very easy and does not cost anything. Apply online at