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How Funds are Applied to Your Account

All financial aid funds, except Federal Work Study funds, are applied directly to your HutchCC account established through the HutchCC Business Office. The account includes educational fees, HutchCC housing deposits, meal plans, books and other charges. Usually one-half of your aid is credited to your account during the fall semester and the other half is credited during the spring semester.


In order for your financial aid funds to be applied to your HutchCC account, you must have:


Federal Work Study

As you earn Federal Work Study funds, you will be paid through the institution’s biweekly payroll system. Pay is either directly deposited to your bank account or a check can be picked up in the Human Resources Office.


Excess funds

If your financial aid exceeds your institutional charges, the balance is paid to you by check or by direct deposit into your bank account.  Direct deposit can be set up through Dragon Zone. Refunds generated from a PLUS will be mailed to the parent borrower unless otherwise specified.  Refund Dates will appear at the bottom of your statement of account in Dragon Zone.  A link to our schedule of refund dates is found below.

Refund Dates


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