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Enrollment Requirements

Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of full-time enrollment in a degree-seeking major every semester. Enrollment is verified each semester prior to the disbursement of aid to the students account. A change in enrollment status could result in a revision of the financial aid package. If you plan to take a course load below the full-time status, please contact your Financial Aid Advisor so you are aware of projected changes to your aid package.

  • Full-time Enrollment Status=12 or more credit hours in a single semester
  • Three Quarters Time Enrollment Status=9-11 credit hours in a single semester
  • Half-Time Enrollment Status=6-8 credit hours in a single semester
  • Less Than Half-Time Enrollment Status= <6 credit hours in a single semester
  • Minimum Enrollment Status to be considered for Direct Student Loans, Federal College Workstudy, and SEOG is at least 6 credit hours.
  • These definitions apply to ALL semesters, including summer.

Enrollment Changes

Changes in your enrollment status may result in your financial aid package being revised. It is recommend you discuss any enrollment status changes with your financial aid advisor so you may better understand any resulting changes in your aid package.


If you withdraw from classes during a semester, you may have to repay the aid you received. Using a federal formula, the Student Financial Aid Office determines whether the aid you received exceeds reasonable allowances for the educational and living expenses incurred. If you received more than necessary for the time enrolled, a refund to your aid program will be made. If your withdrawal is back-dated to the beginning of the semester, all aid will be refunded to the aid program, and you will receive a bill from the Business Office for the total amount of aid you received. It is recommended you check with your financial aid adviser before withdrawing to determine how your financial aid eligibility will be affected. Recipients of federal grants and loans who withdraw from HCC or stop attending classes before 60 percent of the semester has passed are required to return any unearned portion of federal aid received.

The calculation of the return of these funds may result in the student owing a balance to the institution and/or the federal government.

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