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Receiving Aid

After HCC Financial Aid Office has received your FAFSA Information, the Financial Aid Office will begin to process that information to determine your aid award.

Process of FAFSA by HCC

Once FAFSA information is presented to HCC, a student will receive an email stating the reception of FAFSA information and if student was chosen by the Federal government for verification. If verification is necessary, the email will detail documentation that we be needed to be submitted to Financial Aid Office.

Typically, the processing of FAFSA information after verification is complete takes 30 days.

Verification Information

Award Letter

After processing, an award notification is emailed to the student. The award notification details what aid is available. The award notification assumes a full-time enrollment status so if the students actual credit load does not meet that requirement aid will be reduced accordingly.

Understanding the Award Notification

Aid Funds Applied to Student Account

Funds are distributed to a student's account based on certification schedule of classes.  Because of the staggered start of many HCC classes, aid disbursement could possibly be distributed in lump sums over the course of the semester.

How Funds are Applied

Award Complications

If a student receives, additional aid after the awarding process. Students are required to disclose that information to their Financial Advisor and the result may be a revision of the award.

Also, if a student withdraws from classes causing a change in enrollment status,  the awards may be revised.

Revision of Award

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