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Revision of Award

Adjustments of aid due to dropping a course or withdrawing from all classes.

Q: Why has my award letter been revised?

A: Adjustments may occur when you receive a reduction in your costs (i.e., waiver of non-resident tuition rates)or when you receive additional resources not previously included in your aid package (i.e., scholarships, Veteran benefits, etc). When any part of your need calculation changes, the OFA must re-evaluate your eligibility for all aid programs included in your award package.

Q: What happens if I completely fail or withdraw from the term?

A: The law specifies how your school must determine the amount of Federal Student Aid (FSA) assistance that you earn if you withdraw from school or fail to earn any credit for a semester for which you received aid. The FSA programs that are covered by this law are: Federal Pell Grants, ACG, Direct Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOGs), and in some cases, other grant aid.

When you withdraw or otherwise fail to earn any credit for your classes during your payment period or period of enrollment, the amount of FSA assistance that you have earned up to that point is determined by a specific formula. If you received (or your school or parent received on your behalf) less assistance than the amount that you earned, you may be able to receive those additional funds. If you received more assistance than you earned, the excess funds must be returned by the school and/or you.

The amount of assistance that you have earned is determined on a pro-rated basis. For example, if you completed 30% of your payment period or period of enrollment, you earn 30% of the assistance you were originally scheduled to receive. Once you have completed more than 60% of the payment period or period of enrollment, you earn all the assistance that you were scheduled to receive. If you do not provide official notice of your intent to withdraw from classes, we will use the latest withdrawal date from any of your classes to calculate the funds to be returned to the Department of Education. If no withdrawal date is recorded, you will be considered to have earned 50% of your assistance unless you can document a later last date of attendance.

The requirements for FSA program funds when you withdraw are separate from HCC’s Refund Policy. Therefore, you may still owe funds to the school to cover unpaid institutional charges. You can find HCC’s Refund Policy in the catalog or online at the following Link to Institutional Refund Policy

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