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Faculty Support

One of the responsibilities of the Online Education department is to help faculty in creating and developing learning activities that will enhance the face-to-face and online classrooms at HutchCC. Online Education is located in 113 Lockman Hall and where faculty can come for training, course development, and problem-solving.

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Potential Employment

Hutchinson Community College is looking for qualified individuals who would like to teach part-time in distance education. Teaching online can give you the flexibility to fit your schedule and the reward of shaping the education of young minds.

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Fair Use

An important issue facing faculty is the Fair Use of copyrighted material. Holding students to a high standard of academic propriety and honesty dictates the same level for faculty. Even though this is a difficult area to evaluate, faculty are encouraged to visit the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia (from the University of Texas) and Fair-Use: Overview and Meaning for Higher Education (from IUPUI).

Fair Use Guidelines

Instructional Design

Instructional Design of a course is an important consideration in course development. Online Education has two staff members with degrees in Instructional Design who are willing to assist as needed. We can give you the support you may need for the classroom, instruction, and technology. Online Education has instructional technologists who are willing to assist.

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Web Supported Classes

Students are becoming more interested in classes that utilize new technologies. HutchCC is moving toward every class using the web-supported tools. These classes give students the opportunity to download course materials as needed and upload assignments as completed. Grades can easily be made available so students can track their progress throughout the semester. Online Education encourages faculty to support all of their classes with a web site in our Learning Management System (LMS).



Accessibility is a proactive approach to making learning experiences equitable for people of all abilities. Faculty are encouraged to learn more about the importance of accessibility and how to make content accessible by completing the Accessibility Training for Instructors program in Bridge. Online Education is dedicated to ensuring that HutchCC's online course content meets accessibility guidelines. If you have questions regarding accessibility of digital content, please contact Lisa Dickson, Instructional Technologist/Digital Accessibility, in Online Education.


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