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Proctor Exam

Some online classes being offered by HCC will require that examinations or papers be proctored by an appropriate individual. If you cannot come to the HCC campus to meet this requirement, you are responsible for finding an appropriate individual to proctor your exam or paper. The approval of a proctor is up to the course instructor but one of the following individuals could be acceptable:

a. Principal, librarian, guidance counselor or full-time instructor at another school or college.

b. Base commander or station education officer.

c. Public librarian

The proctor will need to have a business e-mail and Internet access. Examination instructions will be sent to the proctor via e-mail.

Any computer being used for a proctored exam must have Mozilla Firefox installed.

For  more information about  the proctoring in your course contact the instructor of the course.

For local *Hutchinson/Reno County area) appointments email  or call 620-728-8125.

The process for having a proctor approved is:

a. The student will contact a qualifying individual at the beginning of the semester and complete the necessary paperwork or Proctor Quiz in the online course and submit for approval to the instructor of the course.

b. The proctor must agree to proctor the exam and follow the guidelines established for proctored exams.

c. The student must furnish the course instructor with the name, position, business e-mail address, USPS address and telephone number of the proposed proctor by using the "proctor quiz". The proctor quiz will be located in the online classroom.

d. The course instructor will make the final determination of approval and contact approved proctors with course exam information.

e. The approval must be in place PRIOR  to the first examination or paper.

The student is responsible for any cost associated with mailing completed examinations or papers to the course instructor or proctoring fees.

Paper examinations will be mailed directly to the proctor with specific instructions regarding time limits, resources allowed (i.e. dictionary or calculator) and supplies which the student needs to bring to the proctored site. If the examination is being done online, the proctor will be e-mailed any password which might be required.

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