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We will be closed on July 3rd.

Summer Semester Hours

  Mon. - Thurs.     8:00am - 7:00pm

  Friday                 8:00am - 5:00pm

  Saturday                           CLOSED

  Sunday                              CLOSED



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Rimmer Learning Resource Center (RLRC) is designed to promote student success, retention, and graduation. We encourage students to take advantage of the center's resources and services, which include...

Free Tutoring

We offer FREE tutoring with CRLA-certified tutors (College of Reading and Learning Assistance).  For math and writing, we provide drop-in tutoring both face-to-face and online via email during all open hours for math and writing--and at specific hours for accounting, psychology, and biology.  We also offer tutoring by appointment, face-to-face or online via web conference, for a wide variety of subjects.

Tutoring remains available despite COVID-19.

Supplemental Instruction

Do you need extra help in General Biology or A&P?  If so, come to one of several study sessions available for each subject.  No appointment needed.

SIs are currently suspended due to COVID-19, but we may offer online SIs in the future.


Rimmer offers an open computer lab, free Wi-fi, and free greyscale printing for all students and community visitors.  We also offer free HutchCC-course-related color printing and scanning.  All patrons may use the black-and-white copier and fax machine downstairs for a small fee.

Due to COVID-19, the computer lab is available to HutchCC staff and students only.

JFK Library

The JFK Library offers information and resources of interest to students, donors, alumni, visitors, and community users. Our print, eBook, and audio-visual collections can be searched using the link to our online catalog. We offer in-house access to numerous research databases, as well. 

We will remain open despite COVID-19 to ensure students can access the resources they need for their courses. 

Students and staff may request reference help by phone or email, and come in person to pick up requested material or to use our computers and other services.

Online Resources

HutchCC students in online courses may use RLRC to take their proctored exams, and any of our students may request tutoring online during the fall and spring semesters.  Online research aids may be found on the JFK Library page and through the library's databases.  Other independent study aids are available in our LearningZone course, Tutor Services, and the publicly available Online Resources page linked below, which provides information on time management, note-taking, reading, typing, and a variety of academic subjects.

Check Out Campus

The excitement here at HutchCC is contagious, and we know that if you see all the things going on, then you will have to come here.

What We Can Offer

Not only do we have amazing faculty, but our campuses and facilities really have a university feel. We provide a lot of opportunities to succeed - just check out these resources...