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Everyone needs help now and then to understand difficult concepts, to get schoolwork organized, or to move past a mental block.  To help you succeed in your classes, HCC hires many tutors whom you can visit for free.  Over the 2016-2017 school year, around 80% of students who received tutoring in math or writing earned an A, B, or C in their class.

Tutors equip you to learn independently.  Thus, they will not to give you answers or do the work for you.  Instead, they will clarify ideas, teach you study skills, help you manage your time and class papers, ask you questions to broaden your thinking, give you extra opportunities to practice and quiz yourself, and help you find and use resources.  They can be your cheerleaders, helping you gain the confidence and skills you need to successfully direct and manage your own learning.

Drop-In Tutoring

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Whenever RLRC is open, HutchCC students can drop by the front desk for help with writing (and after 5 p.m., biology and psychology), or drop by room 109 for help with all levels of algebra (and at certain hours, accounting and higher-level math).

Our Supplemental Instruction groups for General Biology and Anatomy & Physiology are also drop-in, but have a specific schedule

Whether you drop in or make an appointment for tutoring, come prepared with a specific question and with your class assignment, books, notes, and anything else you may need. 

Online Tutoring

If you can’t make it to RLRC to get tutoring, you may receive tutoring online

For math and writing tutoring, HCC students may email questions to or schedule a web conferencing appointment (during summer semesters, only email is available). In Learning Zone, students can also access the public course Tutor Services, which provides helpful handouts and web links for independent study.  When you email, please provide your full name, instructor's name, class, a description of the assignment, its due date, and the specific question(s) or topic(s) you need help with.  Tutors will try to respond within an hour during RLRC's open times.  However, please note that we may be slower if the face-to-face labs are busy.  Please request appointments at least two business days in advance to allow us time to make arrangements or to renegotiate times if needed.

For other subjects, you may similarly arrange an appointment (online or face-to-face) by filling out an online request for personal tutoringFor web conferencing, we communicate through an easy-to-use program called Zoom, which is similar to Skype and Facetime.  It permits optional real-time video and audio and includes features for chatting, screen-sharing, highlighting, and more.

Personal Tutoring

Perhaps you need help in another subject that the drop-in labs and SI sessions don’t cover, or perhaps those sources of help don’t suit your style of learning or schedule.  Then you may request a personal tutor who will meet with you and perhaps one other person in your class.  You may arrange regular appointments for one or two hours a week per subject, to take place in Rimmer or online.  If we do not currently have a tutor for the class you’re in, we will try to find one or will recommend another method for you to get the help you need.

To set up personal tutoring during a fall or spring semester, please complete the Personal Tutoring Request Form.

Athletic Tutoring

Rimmer Learning Resource Center supports the academic success of student athletes by teaming up with coaches to provide evening study sessions.  This provides athletes with exemplary tutors, as well as access to a computer lab to work on assignments and online classes. For student athletes who may need more help with certain courses, RLRC also offers individual and drop-in tutoring. 

For more information, contact RLRC's Coordinator for Athletic Tutoring by email at You may also reach Paula after 5 p.m. by calling (620) 665-3449.

Departmental Tutors

Specific academic departments provide tutoring for courses offered through their departments. Please contact your department to see what tutoring they provide.

Want to be a Tutor?

Academic Support Services provides opportunities for students to be hired and trained as tutors.  Students who are interested may fill out the application linked below and email it to Brad Fenwick at

Tutor Application

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