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HCC Endowment

Welcome to the Hutchinson Community College Endowment Association

The Hutchinson Community College Endowment Association is dedicated to increasing student access and success at Hutchinson Community College through raising funds, building partnerships and advocating for students and the college.

The HutchCC Endowment Association is a separate 501(c)3 tax exempt organization established in 1959 to provide funding for student and college needs not otherwise met by state funding and tuition fees. A volunteer board of directors composed of representatives of community leaders, business and industry and alumni governs the Endowment.

It’s all about hopes and dreams, needs and expectations…and reality.

The hopes and dreams of the students depending on their HCC experience to prepare them for the future.

The educational, cultural, and training needs and expectations of the communities HutchCC serves. And the reality of the substantial resources required to steadfastly deliver at the level Hutchinson Community College is determined to maintain, and even escalate, in this ever-changing world.

That reality – helping assure the resources keep pace with the demands – is the primary focus of the Endowment Association. Founded in 1959 by a group recognizing the need for a gateway for all those wanting to support the college, the HutchCC Endowment has persistently gained momentum. But we need to do so much more. And we’re dependent on concerned, caring people like you to join this rewarding effort. Quality education is irreplaceable.

Board Members

Harley Macklin, President
Steve Drake, Vice President
Cindy Keast, Secretary
Janey Munds, Treasurer

Bob Barker Marsha Moeder  
D. Gene Dikeman Janey Munds  
Steve Drake Susan Puls
Bob Fee John Swearer  
Ron Hansen William Thacker  
Harley Macklin Dr. Mike Wamsley