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One of the most valuable and enduring gifts one can give is the opportunity for education. For too many, college or advanced technical training is beyond their reach without the assistance of a scholarship. We encourage you to consider extending the impact HCC can make in these lives with your help. Whether you choose to establish a new scholarship or contribute to an existing one, your investment in HCC students will make a significant difference.

Creating a Named Scholarship

Establishing a scholarship through the HCC Endowment Association is easy. But more importantly, it will be so vital to students you benefit through your generous support of their aspirations.

The scholarship can be annual or endowed, and named for you, for someone you want to honor, or even to reflect a special interest of yours. You may prefer to have your scholarship awarded to students in a particular program, academic area, or activity. The Endowment office will work with you to develop the guidelines for your scholarship and how you want it directed.

Annual Scholarships provide a yearly award to students meeting the criteria established by the donor and the college. The scholarship may be created with a one-time gift with awards being made until the funds are depleted, or the donor may contribute the amount of the award each year. In some circumstances, a one-time scholarship is possible.

Endowed Scholarships enable a donor to establish a scholarship in perpetuity. Few philanthropic investments are as productive and rewarding as endowing a named scholarship. A minimum contribution of $10,000 is necessary to establish the scholarship within the HCC Endowment Association. This may be a one-time gift or a pledged amount over a given period of time. The Endowment prudently invests its funds to provide a stable, predictable, and growing return for current scholarships.