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In addition to training for college credit and non-credit training, Hutchinson Community College can also offer consulting services for your organization.

Example Consulting Requests

Conflict Resolution

In any organization, managing conflict is a necessary skill.  We can provide several levels of training in this area. We offer a program called We-Care that helps individuals identify their behavioral styles and how they change in conflict, and how improve their ability to control their reaction to conflict.

We also offer training for front line supervisors, both experienced and those new to supervision.  Beyond this we have manager level training that we can deliver.

Soft Skills

In today's interconnected workplace, soft skills are every bit as important as technical skills.  We offer training in the areas of work ethics, team work, and communication skills.

Lean Manufacturing

Hutchinson Community College can provide hands on training and consulting in the area of Lean Manufacturing. From facilitating Kazien Events to improve your processes, to 6S projects to help organize and streamline your work area, to value stream mapping to identify where to start your Lean journey.  HCC trainers use the proven methods of the "Toyota Production System" that has been widely adopted throughout industry to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Six Sigma

Hutchinson Community College can work with your organization using Six Sigma tools to improve quality and reduce process variation.  With two Six-Sigma Greenbelts on staff, we can customize an affordable Six Sigma program for your company.