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Business Services

Develop Your Business Idea

First, you’ll bounce your business idea off our experienced business associates who will provide an objective analysis of your business idea and offer directions on how to proceed.

The Quest Business Center is comprised of 3 different areas of business assistance; Quest Center for Entrepreneurs, Inc., Quest Ventures, LLC and Quest Holdings.

Our services are free and available to anyone living in Reno County or have a business in Reno County.
If outside of Reno County, arrangements can possibly be made on a fee basis.

Quest Center for Entrepreneurs, Inc.


We help entrepreneurs become successful as they start up their own small business. The Quest Center works with you to develop a sound business plan, including financial projections, will be here for you to bounce your ideas around and to help arrange the most effective and cost efficient financing for your new business. In addition we will follow up with assistance as needed on a regular basis.


If your business is looking at expansion, we are here for you to expand your business plan, arrange additional financing or put you in touch with industry professionals who can help solve any situations you may encounter. The Quest Center has many contacts that can be of assistance.


Should you be interested in purchasing an ongoing business we can help in evaluating the business, assist in financing through our affiliation with local financial institutions, SBA, SCKEDD, USDA and others and assist in updating a business plan.


Should there be an instance where you might need someone to review your business model, review present practices, have a specific problem or locate optional financing, our experience in resolving issues is at your disposal.

Quest Ventures, LLC

Quest Ventures, LLC has the ability to assist in developing projects of a proprietory feature. If your idea is patentable then Quest Ventures assist in patent protection. Quest Ventures has the ability to enter into an agreement to finance your proprietory invention, partner in an equity position or assist in financing the project.