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Over the years, many people have come to the Quest Center for advice and support when starting a small business or attempting to grow an existing business. The success stories that people tell about their experience with Quest share a common theme: Quest played a central roll in guiding their businesses toward success.

A few of our success stories:

Mark Treaster

 "It only took one semester of classes for me to decide drafting is what I wanted to do in my career. The drafting department was very helpful to me from the advisors to the teachers. From helping me choose the right classes, to providing an internship, and helping me find a job in the profession. Thank-you HCC! "

Mark Treaster,
Owner of Rainbow International Restoration and Cleaning


The Quest Center was a great help to us when we purchased our business. Having never been through the process before, it was good to have experienced help in creating a business plan and placing a value on the business. They also provided a helpful sounding board during our negotiations to purchase. The Quest Center is a great asset for current business owners and those who are pursuing their dream to start or purchase a small business. After we purchased our business, they put us into contact with a SCORE business mentor who has also provided sound guidance for us with ongoing business issues and decisions.

Kevin Evenson,
President Restonic – Haven, KS
Sleep Haven Inc., 620-465-2242

Upon deciding to open my first business on my own, I sought out local resources that could help guide me through areas that I was not familiar with. Far and away Ron Hirst at the Quest Center in Hutchinson was my most valuable asset in acheiving my goal from start to finish. From showing me what the commercial banking industry needs to finance a project, to product cost analysis and menu building. The care and thorough steps that were taken by Ron were not only reassuring, but a key element in my success overall. Entrepenuership is very much a lifestyle and not a “job”. The Quest Center helped me understand and implement this mind set by not only showing me the “hows” of running my own business, but showing me the “whys” also. If you are even contemplating the life altering decision of going into business for yourself, you deserve an honest and accurate interpretation of what you will need to acheive your goals, and Ron Hirst and Quest Center go above and beyond to help and guide you throughout the process.

James E Manges III,
Realtor, Consultant, Independent Restaurant Developer, National Franchisee