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Media Communication and Production - CERTA

Agriculture, Business, Computers and Technology

Contact: Bobby Obermite (620)665-3433
Contact: Jillene Cunningham (620)665-3479
Department Co-Chair: Jillene Cunningham (620)665-3479
Department Co-Chair: Sheldon Stewart (620)665-3460

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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 24 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
MP112 Studio and Field Production 3

MP113 Video Editing and Post-Production I 3

MP213 Advanced Production Techniques 3

Pre-Reqs: MP112 Studio and Field Production

AR134 or JP118 Introduction to Digital Imagery (Photoshop) 3
Course Title Credits
AR134 Introduction to Digital Imagery--Photoshop 3.00

JP118 Introduction to Digital Imagery--Photoshop 3.00

JP118H Honors Introduction to Digital Imagery--Photoshop 3.00

Media Communication & Production Communication Options 3
Course Title Credits
EN100 English Composition IB 3.00

EN101 English Composition IA 3.00

SH101 Public Speaking 3.00

SH101H Honors Public Speaking 3.00

Media Communication & Production Electives 9
Course Title Credits
AG112 Unmanned Aerial Systems 3.00

AN105 Visual Effects and Compositing 3.00

AR135 Advanced Digital Imagery--Photoshop 3.00

IS252 Social Media Platform 3.00

MP108 Live Event Production 3.00

MP109 Audio Production I 3.00

MP111 Audio/Video Scriptwriting 3.00

MP212 Video Editing and Post-Production II 3.00

MP214 Applied Production Logistics 3.00

MP220 Media Communication and Production Internship I 2.00

MP262 Digital Cinematography 3.00

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