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Paralegal - AAS

Public Safety

Contact: Patty Kolarik (620)665-3440
Department Chair: Cliff Moore (620)728-4408

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Total Credit Hours

This degree requires 64 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BU100 Small Business Accounting 3

Fundamentals of small business record keeping: double entry, adjusting and closing entries, preparation of financial statements, payroll records.

BU108 Business Mathematics 3

Consumer and business mathematics emphasizing calculations involving banking services, payroll, insurance premiums, taxes, interest, business discounts and markups, inventory control, depreciation and statistics.

BU205 Business Law I 3

Law of contracts, real property, personal property, bailments, sales and secured transactions with emphasis on the Uniform Commercial Code.

BU214 Word Processing: Microsoft Word for Windows 3

Word processing on the microcomputer using Microsoft Word software.

ED105 Success Seminar/College Orientation 1

Experiences designed to help with the transition into college life; exploration of essential techniques for success as a college student.

EN107 Business English Grammar 3

Building language confidence in standard English through greater fluency and accuracy using principles of grammar and mechanics of writing such as punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and sentence structure. Analyzing and practicing sentence construction using business-related vocabulary. This course does not meet English requirements for the Associate of Arts degree or Associate of Science degree.

EN108 Technical Writing 3

Developing skills that can apply to a variety of technical documents appropriate to each student''''s course of study including principle of organizing, writing, and revising clear, readable documents for industry and business.

IS104 Microcomputer Applications 3

Microcomputers and various software applications; hardware and software selection, integration, and implementation; fundamentals of operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and computer problem solving.

LA130 Law and the Legal Assistant 3

Role of the legal assistant in the practice of law; types of legal assistants; what legal assistants do; employment, education and licensure; professional ethics; authorized practice of law; preparation and use of pleadings and other documents involved in the trial of a civil or criminal case with emphasis on the practice aspects associated with the trial.

LA131 Litigation 3

Preparation and use of pleadings and other documents involved in the trial of a civil or criminal case with emphasis on the practice aspects associated with the trial.
Pre-Reqs: LA130 Law and the Legal Assistant, or BA130 Law and the Legal Assistant

LA134 Family Law 3

Role of lawyers and legal assistants as counselors with an emphasis on the general legal concepts associated with premarital agreements, marriage, annulment, separation agreements, divorce, child custody, child support, the legal rights of women and children, paternity, adoption, surrogacy and applicable torts.

LA135 Wills, Estates, and Trusts 3

Law of intestate successions, wills, trusts and future interests, with emphasis on the administration of estates under Kansas Law, including preparation of wills, trust instruments and other documents related to the probate process.
Pre-Reqs: LA130 Law and the Legal Assistant, or BA130 Law and the Legal Assistant

LA136 Legal Ethics 3

This course will provide an overview of the rules and laws governing ethical legal obligations oriented to paralegals and professional paralegal practices. Topics include confidentiality, conflicts of interests, attorney-client and work product privileges, the authorized practice of law, interviewing, investigations, records collection and communication skills.
Pre-Reqs: LA130 Law and the Legal Assistant

LA231 Introduction to Legal Research and Writing 3

Introduction to legal research and writing, overview of the law and how to research, simple legal research problems in case law and statutory exercises, citation form, appropriate research instruments including Westlaw and Shepard''s Citations.

LA235 Personal Injury and Civil Wrongs 3

Personal injury law, including review of intentional torts (e.g., assault, battery, false imprisonment), negligence and strict liability (e.g., products liability) and other tortuous conduct.
Pre-Reqs: LA130 Law and the Legal Assistant, or BA130 Law and the Legal Assistant

LE205 Criminal Law 3

History, scope and nature of law; parties to a crime; classification of offenses; criminal acts and intent; the capacity to commit crime; and criminal defenses; elements of misdemeanor and felony crimes.

PS101 Human Relations 3

Psychological principles applied to everyday living with an emphasis on self-understanding and on building successful relationships.

BU109 Business Communications OR SH101 Public Speaking 3
Course Title Credits
BU109 Business Communications 3.00

SH101 Public Speaking 3.00

Paralegal Options 12
Course Title Credits
BU107 Personal Finance 3.00

HR107 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare 3.00

LA114 Paralegal Internship 3.00

LA132 Elder Law 3.00

LA150 Employment Law 3.00

LA230 E-discovery and Litigation 3.00

LA234 Workers Compensation Law 2.00

LA238 Real Estate Law 3.00

LA239 Bankruptcy Law 3.00

LA240 Immigration Law 3.00

LA241 Interviews and Investigations 3.00

LA246 Advanced Legal Research and Writing 3.00

LA247 Intellectual Property 3.00

Note: Student must complete all courses with a C or better.
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