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Philosophy and Religion - AA

Fine Arts & Humanities

Contact: Kelby Accardi-Harrison (620)665-3529
Department Co-Chair: Frances Johannsen (620)665-3428
Department Co-Chair: Kimberly Ivancovich (620)665-3518

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Total Credit Hours

This degree requires 60 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
EN102 English Composition II 3

Pre-Reqs: EN101 English Composition IA with a grade of C or higher, or EN100 English Comp IB with a grade of C or higher, or EN101H English Comp IA with a grade of C or higher

MA106 College Algebra 3

Pre-Reqs: HS GPA over 3.5, or Accuplacer NextGen QuantReason, Alg,Stats Score 263 or Above, or ACT Math Score of 21 or higher, or MA105 Intermediate Algebra with a grade of C or higher

PL101 Introduction to Philosophy 3

PL103 Logic and Critical Thinking 3

PL104 Ethics 3

PS100 General Psychology 3

PS201 Psychology of Personality 3

Pre-Reqs: PS100 General Psychology with grade of C or higher

RE101 New Testament Literature 3

RE102 Old Testament Literature 3

RE106 Introduction to World Religions 3

SH101 Public Speaking 3

SH122 Voice and Diction 3

SO100 Fundamentals of Sociology 3

SO201 Social Problems 3

Pre-Reqs: SO100 Fundamentals of Sociology

TH115 Theatre Appreciation 3

Biology Options 4
Course Title Credits
BI101 General Biology 4.00

BI104 Biology I 5.00

English Composition I Option EN100/EN101 3
Course Title Credits
EN100 English Composition IB 3.00

EN101 English Composition IA 3.00

Physical Science Options 4
Course Title Credits
PY103 Physical Geology 3.00

PY104L Physical Geology Lab 1.00

PY110 Physical Science 5.00

PY112 General Physics I 5.00

PY201 Engineering Physics I 5.00


Additional Credits Required - 4

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