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Cosmetology - CERT

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Department Co-Chair: Jillene Cunningham (620)665-3479
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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 45 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
CO100 Cosmetology I 3

Theory and practice of cosmetology including hair design, styling, and technique/tool decisions to achieve desired outcomes.

CO102 Cosmetology II 1

Hair removal techniques including different types of waxing and appropriate use of each variety, hair growth patterns, and proper sanitation. Comparison of men’s and women’s haircutting services, including clipper knowledge and sanitation as well as basic men’s forms used in haircutting.
Pre-Reqs: CO100 Cosmetology I

CO110 Haircutting 3.5

Fundamentals of haircutting with four basic forms: solid, graduated, increased layer, and uniform layer cuts. Proper practices for sectioning of hair for each haircut, use and care of tools, and cutting of four basic forms.

CO111 Trichology & Shampoo Techniques 1

Theory and practice of cosmetology including trichology, shampooing, and scalp treatments. Methods to identify different scalp disorders, sanitize and drape clients for different services, and perform a relaxing scalp massage on clients.

CO120 Hair Coloring 3.5

Evaluation and application of all elements of hair coloring, including slicing and weaving highlighting techniques, virgin lightener, and color applications, the difference between demi-permanent and permanent hair colors, when and how to use toners and fillers, and when to use specific techniques based on client needs and wants.

CO121 Chemistry & Chemical Texturizing 1.5

Theory and practice of the science of cosmetology, chemical texturizing, and permanent waving.

CO125 Modern Hair Trends 2

New trends and techniques in hair design. Demonstration of latest cutting, coloring, and styling applications. Main focus includes new ombre, balayage, and foiling techniques. Mixing of four basic forms of haircutting to create combination cuts including bobs, long bobs, and freehand layering. Exhibit creativity in color formulas, applications, and haircuts.

CO126 Salon Success 1

Successful salon operation with consideration of client relations, communication, and satisfaction, including classroom integration, preparation for work on the clinic floor, and importance of building relationships with clients and coworkers.

CO160 Salon Services and Operations 1

Theory and practice of cosmetology, including professionalism, salon ecology, and the salon as a business. Short- and long-term goal planning and steps for first years upon program completion. Examination of different types of bacteria and viruses as well as disease-spread prevention methods in salons.

CO161 Salon Service Techniques 2

Study of nails and practice of manicuring and pedicuring with classroom and clinic experience. Identification of different nail diseases and conditions. Practice with safe and sanitary manicure and pedicure procedures.

CO170 Kansas Laws, Licensing, and Ethics 1.5

Theory and practice of compliance with Kansas laws related to cosmetology and infection-control procedures, licensing, and salon operation.

CO180 Clinical Experience Foundations 3

Hands-on experience in conducting salon business including caring for hair, interacting with clientele, and practicing lab techniques in a live setting.
Pre-Reqs: CO102 Cosmetology II

CO181 Clinical Operations 3

Practice of cosmetology skills including haircutting, waxing, and other techniques in a live clinic floor setting while demonstrating progress in an ideal client experience.
Pre-Reqs: CO180 Clinical Experience Foundations

CO183 Clinical Experience Precision 2.5

Management of the salon experience through administration of proper procedures in reception, consultation, salesmanship, and application.
Pre-Reqs: CO180 Clinical Experience Foundations

CO200 Cosemtology III 2

Theory and practice of cosmetology including hair anatomy and physiology, skin care, facials, and makeup application. Safe electrical practices in salons and use of electricity in facials. Demonstration of proper facial procedures and product use to meet client skincare needs.
Pre-Reqs: CO102 Cosmetology II

CO211 Men's and Women's Hair Design .5

Hands-on experience with advanced methods in hair services, including haircuts varying in length as well as beard trimming and shaping practices.
Pre-Reqs: CO102 Cosmetology II

CO265 Wigs and Long Hair Design 2.5

Cosmetology practices for wigs, hair additions, and long hair design, including application of various styles as well as care and uses of wigs and other hair additions. Demonstration of proper braiding, formal hairstyles, and fillers/additives used in up-dos.

CO266 Advanced Cosmetology Services 1

Theory and practice of hair texturing with perms, wraps, and relaxers, including the application of different types of chemicals, their effects on the hair, and methods for maintaining hair after a relaxer service.
Pre-Reqs: CO121 Chemistry & Chemical Texturizing

CO275 Advanced Nails .5

Classroom and clinical experience in nail enhancements and creative use of nail art. Practice using acrylic and gel products on nails in a safe and sanitary manner. Study methods to complete the acrylic nail portion of the licensing practical exam.
Pre-Reqs: CO161 Salon Service Techniques

CO276 Cosmetology IV .5

Culminating review for Kansas Board of Cosmetology licensing examination, including preparation for both written and practical portions through recommended study methods and mock demonstrations.
Pre-Reqs: CO265 Wigs and Long Hair Design

CO280 Client Services 2.5

Experience delivering cosmetology services with focus on increased accuracy, safety, assessment, customer service, and satisfaction.
Pre-Reqs: CO181 Clinical Operations, and CO183 Cliical Experience Precision

CO281 Salon Clinical Experience 3

Refinement of customer service, goal setting, and client retention to support accuracy, time, and precision in salon services.
Pre-Reqs: CO280 Client Services

CO283 Complete Cosmetology Operations 3

Culmination of customer service, client consultations, and applications for salon business success.
Pre-Reqs: CO280 Client Services

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