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Emergency Medical Science - Paramedic - AAS

Public Safety

Contact: Janean Barlow (620)728-4404
Contact: Cliff Moore (620)728-4408
Department Chair: Cliff Moore (620)728-4408

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Total Credit Hours

This degree requires 68 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BI103 Human Anatomy and Physiology 6

Pre-Reqs: BI100 or BI101 or BI104 or BI105 or BI112 w/Grade of C

EM191 Paramedic I 13

EM192 Paramedic II 12

EM201 Paramedic III 12

EM202 Paramedic IV 16

English Composition I Options 3
Course Title Credits
EN100 English Composition IB 3.00

EN101 English Composition IA 3.00

Paramedic General Education Options 3
Course Title Credits
EN108 Career and Technical Writing 3.00

PS100 General Psychology 3.00

SH101 Public Speaking 3.00

SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3.00

SO100 Fundamentals of Sociology 3.00

Paramedic Mathematics Options 3
Course Title Credits
BU108 Business Mathematics 3.00

MA106 College Algebra 3.00

MA107 Plane Trigonometry 3.00

MA108 Elements of Statistics 3.00

MA110 Calculus 3.00

MA111 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5.00

MA117 Contemporary Math 3.00

A grade of "C" or better is required for all degree-specific courses.
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