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IT in Healthcare - CERT

Allied Health

Contact: Becky Rice (620)694-2440
Contact: Bonnie Folkerts (620)694-2455
Department Co-Chair: Debbie Hackler (620)665-4931
Department Co-Chair: Todd Sazama (620)665-4939

For course descriptions and course prerequisites, click on the course id.

Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 29 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
HR105 Medical Terminology 3

HT230 Introduction to Health Information Systems 2

HT262 Customer Service in the Health Care Environment 2

HT263 Working with Health IT Systems 2

HT264 Configuring Electronic Health Records 2

HT265 Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems 2

HT266 Vendor - Specific Electronic Health Systems 2

HT271 The Culture of Health Care 2

HT274 Healthcare Workflow Process Analysis and Redesign 2

HT275 Health Information Systems 2

HT276 Usability and Human Factors 2

HT277 Hlth Info Systems Training & Instructional Design 2

IT in Healthcare Networking in Healthcare Options 2
Course Title Credits
HT261 Networking and Health Information Exchange 2.00

IS212 Networking I 3.00

IT in Healthcare Quality Improvement Options 2
Course Title Credits
HR208 Quality Improvement in Healthcare 2.00

HT273 Quality Improvement 2.00

HutchCC will continue to offer coursework in IT in Healthcare through the spring of 2022. Enrolled students will be able to continue on the Certificate A path finishing in the spring of 2022. As of June 1, 2022 coursework for this program will no longer be offered
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