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IT in Healthcare - CERT

Allied Health

Contact: Becky Rice (620)694-2440
Contact: Bonnie Folkerts (620)694-2455
Department Co-Chair: Debbie Hackler (620)665-4931
Department Co-Chair: Todd Sazama (620)665-4939

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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 29 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
HR105 Medical Terminology 3

HT230 Introduction to Health Information Systems 2

HT262 Customer Service in the Health Care Environment 2

HT263 Working with Health IT Systems 2

HT264 Configuring Electronic Health Records 2

HT265 Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems 2

HT266 Vendor - Specific Electronic Health Systems 2

HT271 The Culture of Health Care 2

HT274 Healthcare Workflow Process Analysis and Redesign 2

HT275 Health Information Systems 2

HT276 Usability and Human Factors 2

HT277 Hlth Info Systems Training & Instructional Design 2

IT in Healthcare Networking in Healthcare Options 2
Course Title Credits
HT261 Networking and Health Information Exchange 2.00

IS212 Networking I 3.00

IT in Healthcare Quality Improvement Options 2
Course Title Credits
HR208 Quality Improvement in Healthcare 2.00

HT273 Quality Improvement 2.00

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