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Pharmacy Technician - AAS

Allied Health

Contact: Cristal GREENE (620)665-3346
Department Co-Chair: Debbie HACKLER (620)665-4931
Department Co-Chair: Todd SAZAMA (620)665-4939

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Some Credit Hours

This degree requires 64 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BU105 Introduction to Business 3

Economic environment, organization, management, labor, marketing, finance and career opportunities available in business; for both non-business and business majors.

BU203 Principles of Supervision 3

Training and participation in using the steps necessary to effectively manage people and solve human relation problems with attention to motivation of self as well as other people.

EN102 English Composition II 3

Development of critical reading and writing skills, through the exploration of literary texts in thematic units, with additional emphasis on research and persuasive writing.
Pre-Reqs: EN101 English Composition IA with a grade of C or higher, or EN100 English Comp IB with a grade of C or higher, or EN101H English Comp IA with a grade of C or higher

HR105 Medical Terminology 3

Elements of medical language including common abbreviations. Emphasis is placed on spelling, pronunciation, correct usage, and meaning relating to body systems, medical science, and medical specialties.

PH101 Community Pharmacy 4

Examination of the history and roles of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians; evolution of laws and regulations that guide the practice of community pharmacies; patient prescription processing and introduction to extemporaneous compounding.
Pre-Reqs: MA098 Basic Algebra with a grade of C or higher, or Accuplacer NG QuantReason, Alg,Stats Score 250 or Above

PH101L Community Pharmacy Lab 0

Lab portion of PH101 Community Pharmacy

PH105 Hospital Pharmacy for Technicians 3

Exploration of hospital pharmacy environments including sterile compounding, automation, and technician duties.
Pre-Reqs: PH101 Community Pharmacy, and EN101 English Composition IA with a grade of C or higher, or EN100 English Comp IB with a grade of C or higher

PH105L Hospital Pharmacy for Technicians Lab 0

The face-to-face laboratory portion of PH105 Hospital Pharmacy for Technicians.

PH106 Pharmacy Calculations I 2

Concepts of basic pharmacy calculations: manipulating decimals, percentages, ratios, proportions; measurement conversions using the metric system; calculating supply and daily cash reports; utilizing minimum/maximum concept for inventory control; finding gross and net profit and calculating price using, percent discounts, AWP and U&C; and extemporaneous compounding calculations.

PH107 Pharmacy Law 2

Review of the United States legal system and the history and development of pharmacy law, as well as an overview of federal laws affecting pharmacy technicians and ethics in the pharmacy.
Pre-Reqs: PH101 Community Pharmacy

PH108 Pharmacy Technician Science 3

Introductory science course focusing on basic principles of chemistry, human anatomy and physiology, biology and microbiology relevant to the pharmacy technician field of study.

PH109 Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians 3

Drug classes and the mechanisms of action for many drugs providing students with a comprehensive pharmacology course to prepare them for community, institutional and other pharmacy settings.
Pre-Reqs: PH101 Community Pharmacy, and PH108 Pharmacy Technician Science

PH110 Patient and Medication Safety 3

Exploration of Medication Therapy Management and the pharmacy technicians role in assuring best practice and patient safety.
Pre-Reqs: PH101 Community Pharmacy

PH111 Pharmacy Calculations II 2

Concepts of advanced pharmacy calculation using avoirdupois system, apothecary system, measurement conversions, algebraic equations for calculating parental dosages, dosages for geriatric and pediatric populations, calculations of intravenous flow rates, and specialty compounding calculations.
Pre-Reqs: PH106 Pharmacy Calculations I

PH201 Pharmacy Practicum I 5

Application of basic pharmacy technician concepts within the retail pharmacy setting. Each clinical site will provide a learning atmosphere giving the student hands-on experience of pharmacy practice emphasizing the importance of returning a quality product to the patient. Students are required to participate in 140 clock hours and 30 hours of online lecture and activities.

PH210 Pharmacy Practicum II 4

Advanced pharmacy technician applications in the hospital pharmacy setting. Each clinical site offers hands-on pharmacy practice emphasizing a quality product for the patient. Students are required to participate in 120 clock hours and 20 hours of online lecture and activities.

PS100 General Psychology 3

A survey of the fundamental principles of behavior including physiological, perceptual, historical, methodological, learning, memory, development, motivational, emotional, social and applied perspectives.

BU109 Business Communications or SH210 Interpersonal Communications 3
Course Title Credits
BU109 Business Communications 3.00

SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3.00

CH101 General Chemistry or CH105 Chemistry I 5
Course Title Credits
CH101 General Chemistry 5.00

CH101L General Chemistry Lab . 0

CH105 Chemistry I 5.00

CH105L Chemistry I Lab . 0

Customer Service Options for Pharmacy Technician 2
Course Title Credits
BU121 Customer Service/Professional Image 3.00

HT262 Customer Service in the Health Care Environment 2.00

English Composition I Options 3
Course Title Credits
EN100 English Composition IB 3.00

EN101 English Composition IA 3.00

IS103 Microcomputer Literacy OR IS104 Microcomputer Applications 2
Course Title Credits
IS103 Microcomputer Literacy 2.00

IS104 Microcomputer Applications 3.00

MA105 Intermediate Algebra or MA106 College Algebra 3
Course Title Credits
MA105 Intermediate Algebra 3.00

MA106 College Algebra 3.00

A grade of "C" or better is required for all degree-specific courses.
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