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Construction - Residential - CERT

Agriculture, Business, Computers and Technology

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Some Credit Hours

This certificate requires 36 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BT102 Concrete Flatwork and Finishing 2

Exposure to concrete mixes, slab-forming techniques, screeding, placing concrete, floating, hand troweling, curing, edging, jointing, sawing, vibrating, reinforcing, pinning, finish treatments, safety and codes.

BT103 Foundation Forming and Erecting 3

Prepare footing forms, setting foundation wall forms and pouring. Install steel re-bar reinforcements. Erect manufactured wall forms. Constructing block-outs, installing window openings, brick ledge, anchor bolts, stripping forms, form care and storage, foundation waterproofing, drainage systems. Identify concrete terminology and mixes, safety and codes.

BT104 Cabinet Construction and Installation 3

Cabinet design, construction and installation. Estimating materials, appliance requirements, cabinet layout, countertop cutting, joining and wood joints techniques. Shelves, special features surface preparation, staining, finishing, door and hinge design. Hardware application.

BT105 Electrical and Mechanical Systems 2

Installation of electrical and mechanical systems according to code and safety requirements: power panels, 220-v circuits, 120-v circuits, fixtures, telephone circuits, cable TV, heating supplies, mechanical hook ups, fireplaces.

BT106 Drywall Installation, Insulation and Ventilation 2

Prepare walls for drywall, estimate materials, layout and hanging procedures, joint taping and filling, joint finishing and sealing. Ceiling treatments. Proper selection and installation of insulation along with identifying ventilation requirements.

BT107 Exterior Finish 2

Siding installation, exterior painting. Installation of exterior trim, shingles, cornices, roof trim and insulation.

BT108 Roof Framing 3

Spacing and layout, ceiling joists, rafter layout and cutting, roof design, codes safety, stick framing, pre-fab trusses, use of framing square, roof sheathing, valleys, hips, gables, soffits, ventilation.

BT109 Floors, Walls and Ceiling Framing 4

Floor joists, sub-floor, wall layout and assembly, wall components, ceiling construction, framing procedures, straightening, waterproofing, codes.

BT110 Interior Finish and Trim Installation 2

Students will prepare surfaces, including application of wood stains, filler, and finishes; polish using various techniques; paint/install interior doors and trim, interior window trim, closet treatments, hardware, wall treatments; and prepare surfaces for floor covering and installation.
Pre-Reqs: Departmental Consent

BT112 Hard Surface Installation 2

Construction of countertops, floor underlayment, hard surface fitting and installation, ceramic floor tile, ceramic wall tile.

BT120 Introductory Craft Skills 3

Introductory skills for carpentry careers including basic safety, construction math, hand and power tools, construction drawings, basic rigging, materials handling and employability and communication skills.

BT121 Construction Safety 1

Safety procedures on construction sites emphasizing compliance with OSHA regulations.

BT131 Carpentry Basics 4

Safety, construction details, layout, materials, assembly, tool and equipment operation, and reasons for alternative methods of construction.

BT134 Windows, Doors and Stairs 3

Installation of windows and doors; construction and installation of stairs.

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