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Fire Science - AAS

Public Safety

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Department Chair: Cliff MOORE (620)728-4408

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Some Credit Hours

This degree requires 64 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
EM110 Emergency Medical Technician 10

Concepts of emergency care that prepare an entry-level provider and primary staff for basic life support ambulance services. Information and techniques necessary for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the State of Kansas and National Registry of EMT.

FS102 Construction Methods and Materials 3

Building materials, their physical properties and reactions to fire; building configurations and their applicability to specific hazardous industrial operations.

FS103 Introduction to Fire Protection and Suppression 3

History and philosophy of fire protection; review of statistics of loss of life and property by fire; introduction to agencies involved in fire protection; current legislative developments and career orientation; current related problems; review of expanding future fire protection.

FS104 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention 3

Fire department organization; inspections, public cooperation and image; recognition of fire hazards and development and implementation of a systematic and deliberate inspection program; survey of local, state and national codes pertaining to fire prevention and related technology.

FS106 Basic Vehicle Extrication 1

Freeing victims trapped in an automobile; techniques for gaining entry and displacing barriers to victim removal.

FS110 Firefighter I 4

Beginning course leading to Firefighter I certification, including emergency medical care, fire behavior, firefighting equipment and rescue and safety procedures.

FS113 Firefighter II 3

A follow-up course to FS110 Firefighter I, leading to a Firefighter II certification, including fire behavior, firefighting equipment, rescue and safety procedures, fire department operations and management and emergency medical care.

FS120 Wildland Firefighter Type II 3

Required training for all personnel prior to certification as a Wildland Firefighter Type 2 under the Wildland Qualifications System (NWCG 310-1); entry level course for all new firefighters and refresher course for veteran firefighters.

FS130 Introduction to Fire Ground Strategy and Tactics 3

Fire ground strategy and tactics including structure, priorities and language of the emergency scene.

FS150 Hazardous Materials Operations (First Responder) 1.5

The knowledge and skills first-responding firefighters and EMS personnel need to safely respond to routine and non-routine emergencies that may involve hazardous materials.

FS151 Fireground Operations 1

This course covers basic fireground operations, including live fire suppression, ventilation, and search and rescue.
Pre-Reqs: FS110 Firefighter I

FS175 Intro. to Fire & Emergency Services Administration 3

In accordance with FESHE, this course introduces the student to the organization and management of a fire and emergency services department and the relationship of private organizations governmental agencies and the fire service. Emphasis is placed on fire and emergency service, ethics, and leadership from the perspective of the company officer.
Pre-Reqs: FS103 Intro. to Fire Protection and Suppression

FS203 Fire Hydraulics 3

Application of the laws of mathematics and physics to properties of fluid states, force, pressure and flow velocities with emphasis on applying hydraulics to firefighting problems.

Composition Options 3
Course Title Credits
EN100 English Composition IB 3.00

EN101 English Composition IA 3.00

EN107 Business English Grammar 3.00

EN108 Technical Writing 3.00

Fire Science - Mathematics Options 3
Course Title Credits
BU108 Business Mathematics 3.00

MA105 Intermediate Algebra 3.00

MA106 College Algebra 3.00

MA107 Plane Trigonometry 3.00

MA108 Elements of Statistics 3.00

MA109 PreCalculus Mathematics 5.00

MA110 Calculus 3.00

MA111 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5.00

MA112H Honors Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5.00

Fire Science Options 3.5
Course Title Credits
ED105 Success Seminar/College Orientation 1.00

ED105H Honors Success Seminar/College Orientation 1.00

EM131 Cardiac Care (CPR) .50

EM132 CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens 1.00

FS105 Fire Attack 1.00

FS107 Basic Confined Space Rescue I 1.50

FS108 Rope Rescue I 1.50

FS109 Rope Rescue II 1.50

FS114 Fire Science Update 1.00

FS114C Fire Science Update 1.00

FS118 Rope Rescue III 1.00

FS122 NWCG Incident Command System 1.00

FS124 Wildland Firefighter Internship I 2.00

FS125 Fire Service Internship I 1.00

FS126 Portable Pumps and Water Use 1.00

FS127 Wildland Fire Powersaw Operations 2.00

FS132 Basic Scuba Diving 2.00

FS136 Fire Science Practicum I 3.00

FS137 Fire Science Practicum II 3.00

FS145 Firefighter Fitness and Conditioning I 1.00

FS146 Firefighter Fitness and Conditioning II 1.00

FS153 Engine Company Operations 1.00

FS155 Ice Rescue Operations 1.50

FS156 Ice Rescue Technician 1.00

FS160 Rapid Intervention Team 1.00

FS161 Fire Rescue Special Operations 1.00

FS202 Fire Protection Systems 3.00

FS204 Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy 3.00

FS205 Arson Investigation 5.00

FS206 Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator 4.00

FS211 Fire Officer I 3.00

FS212 Fire Officer II 3.00

FS220 Fire Operation in the Urban Interface 2.00

FS221 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior 2.00

Fire Science-Science Electives 4
Course Title Credits
BI101 General Biology 4.00

BI101H Honors General Biology 4.00

BI103 Human Anatomy and Physiology 6.00

CH101 General Chemistry 5.00

PY110 Physical Science 5.00

PY110H Honors Physical Science 5.00

PY112 General Physics I 5.00

SH101 Public Speaking OR SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3
Course Title Credits
SH101 Public Speaking 3.00

SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3.00

Social Science Options 3
Course Title Credits
PS100 General Psychology 3.00

PS101 Human Relations 3.00

SO100 Fundamentals of Sociology 3.00


Additional Credits Required - 3

A grade of "C" or better is required for all degree-specific courses.
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