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Fire Science - CERT

Public Safety

Contact: Bobby White (620)728-4462
Department Chair: Cliff Moore (620)728-4408

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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 48.5 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
EM110 Emergency Medical Technician 10

FS106 Basic Vehicle Extrication 1

FS110 Firefighter I 4

FS113 Firefighter II 3

FS120 Wildland Firefighter Type II 3

FS130 Introduction to Fire Ground Strategy and Tactics 3

FS150 Hazardous Materials Operations (First Responder) 1.5

FS151 Fireground Operations 1

FS175 Intro. to Fire & Emergency Services Administration 3

FS203 Fire Hydraulics 3

Fire Science Electives 16
Course Title Credits
EM131 Cardiac Care (CPR) .50

EM132 CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens 1.00

FS102 Construction Methods and Materials 3.00

FS103 Introduction to Fire Protection and Suppression 3.00

FS104 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention 3.00

FS105 Fire Attack 1.00

FS107 Basic Confined Space Rescue I 1.50

FS108 Rope Rescue I 1.50

FS109 Rope Rescue II 1.50

FS114 Fire Science Update 1.00

FS118 Rope Rescue III 1.00

FS122 NWCG Incident Command System 1.00

FS124 Wildland Firefighter Internship I 2.00

FS125 Fire Service Internship I 1.00

FS126 Portable Pumps and Water Use 1.00

FS127 Wildland Fire Powersaw Operations 2.00

FS132 Basic Scuba Diving 2.00

FS145 Firefighter Fitness and Conditioning I 1.00

FS146 Firefighter Fitness and Conditioning II 1.00

FS153 Engine Company Operations 1.00

FS155 Ice Rescue Operations 1.50

FS156 Ice Rescue Technician 1.00

FS160 Rapid Intervention Team 1.00

FS161 Fire Rescue Special Operations 1.00

FS202 Fire Protection Systems 3.00

FS204 Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy 3.00

FS205 Arson Investigation 5.00

FS206 Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator 4.00

FS209 Fire Instructor I 3.00

FS220 Fire Operation in the Urban Interface 2.00

FS221 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior 2.00

A grade of "C" or better is required for all degree-specific courses.
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