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Applied Technologies - AAS

Agriculture, Business, Computers and Technology

Department Co-Chair: Jillene Cunningham (620)665-3479
Department Co-Chair: Sheldon Stewart (620)665-3460

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Some Credit Hours

This degree requires 60 credit hours.

First Semester

Option I: Select Two Certificate A's from the Specific List of Options 15
Semester Total - 15

Second Semester

Option II: Select one Certificate B from the Specific List of Options 15
Semester Total - 15

Third Semester

All Electives 19
Semester Total - 19

Fourth Semester

General Education Options 15
Course Title Credits
AR101 Art Appreciation 3.00-3.00

AR104 Art History: Paleolithic to Medieval 3.00-3.00

AR105 Art History: Renaissance to Modern 3.00-3.00

AR106 Art in the Elementary Classroom 3.00-3.00

AR110 Drawing I 3.00-3.00

BI100 Basic Concepts for Allied Health Studies 1.00-1.00

BI101 General Biology 4.00-4.00

BI102 Ecology of Environmental Problems 3.00-3.00

BI103 Human Anatomy and Physiology 6.00-6.00

BI104 Biology I 5.00-5.00

BI105 Biology II 5.00-5.00

BI112 General Microbiology 4.00-4.00

BI115 Basic Radiation Biology 2.00-2.00

BU105 Introduction to Business 3.00-3.00

BU107 Personal Finance 3.00-3.00

BU108 Business Mathematics 3.00-3.00

BU109 Business Communications 3.00-3.00

BU118 Introduction to Leadership 3.00-3.00

CH101 General Chemistry 5.00-5.00

CH105 Chemistry I 5.00-5.00

CH106 Chemistry II 5.00-5.00

CH108 Principles of Organic and Biochemistry 5.00-5.00

CH201 Organic Chemistry I 5.00-5.00

CH202 Organic Chemistry II 5.00-5.00

EC100 Macroeconomics 3.00-3.00

EC101 Microeconomics 3.00-3.00

ED105 Success Seminar/College Orientation 1.00-1.00

ED201 Introduction to Education 3.00-3.00

ED201L Introduction to Education Practicum 1.00-1.00

EN100 English Composition IB 3.00-3.00

EN101 English Composition IA 3.00-3.00

EN102 English Composition II 3.00-3.00

EN107 Business English Grammar 3.00-3.00

EN108 Career and Technical Writing 3.00-3.00

EN120 Children's Literature 3.00-3.00

EN121 World Mythology 3.00-3.00

EN122 Science Fiction Literature 3.00-3.00

EN128 Introduction to Creative Writing 3.00-3.00

EN201 Introduction to Literature 3.00-3.00

EN202 British Literature I 3.00-3.00

EN203 British Literature II 3.00-3.00

EN204 American Literature I 3.00-3.00

EN205 American Literature II 3.00-3.00

EN206 Contemporary Literature 3.00-3.00

EN207 Introduction to Shakespeare 3.00-3.00

EN214 Introduction to Cultural Studies: Fairy Tales 3.00-3.00

EN215 Medieval Literature in Contemporary Society 3.00-3.00

EN216 Vampires in Literature and Film 3.00-3.00

EN220 Poetry Writing 3.00-3.00

GE101 World Geography 3.00-3.00

GO100 American Government 3.00-3.00

GO101 State and Local Government 3.00-3.00

GO102 International Relations 3.00-3.00

GO110 Introduction to Political Science 3.00-3.00

GO110H Honors Introduction to Political Science 3.00

HI101 American History 1492-1865 3.00-3.00

HI102 American History 1865-Present 3.00-3.00

HI103 World History to 1600 3.00-3.00

HI104 World History Since 1600 3.00-3.00

HI122 Film History of World War II 3.00-3.00

HI201 Topics in History 3.00-3.00

IS103 Microcomputer Literacy 2.00-2.00

IS104 Microcomputer Applications 3.00-3.00

JL101 Introduction to Mass Communications 3.00-3.00

LE101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3.00-3.00

MA106 College Algebra 3.00-3.00

MA107 Plane Trigonometry 3.00-3.00

MA108 Elements of Statistics 3.00-3.00

MA110 Calculus 3.00-3.00

MA111 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5.00-5.00

MA112H Honors Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5.00-5.00

MA113 Analytical Geometry and Calculus II 5.00-5.00

MA114H Honors Analytical Geometry and Calculus II 5.00-5.00

MA117 Contemporary Math 3.00-3.00

MA201 Analytical Geometry and Calculus III 5.00-5.00

MA202H Honors Analytical Geometry and Calculus III 5.00-5.00

MA206 Differential Equations 3.00-3.00

MU101 Music Appreciation 3.00-3.00

MU106 Music Theory I 3.00-3.00

MU107 Music Theory II 3.00-3.00

MU127 Introduction To Jazz/Jazz Rock 3.00-3.00

MU206 Music Theory III 3.00-3.00

MU207 Music Theory IV 3.00-3.00

MU208 History of Art Music of the Western World 3.00-3.00

PE105 Personal and Community Health 3.00-3.00

PE122 Rhythms I 2.00-2.00

PE123 Rhythms II 2.00-2.00

PE126 Conditioning and Fitness Concepts I 1.00-1.00

PE127 Conditioning and Fitness Concepts II 1.00-1.00

PE145 Golf 1.00-1.00

PE151 Social Dance-Beginning 1.00-1.00

PE156 Aerobic Dance 1.00-1.00

PE173 Fitness for Life 1.00-1.00

PE178 Yoga I 1.00-1.00

PL101 Introduction to Philosophy 3.00-3.00

PL103 Logic and Critical Thinking 3.00-3.00

PL104 Ethics 3.00-3.00

PL105 Death and Dying 3.00-3.00

PS100 General Psychology 3.00-3.00

PS101 Human Relations 3.00-3.00

PS102 Human Growth and Development 3.00-3.00

PS201 Psychology of Personality 3.00-3.00

PS202 Abnormal Psychology 3.00-3.00

PY101 Descriptive Astronomy 3.00-3.00

PY102 Weather and Climate 3.00-3.00

PY103 Physical Geology 3.00-3.00

PY104L Physical Geology Lab 1.00-1.00

PY110 Physical Science 5.00-5.00

PY112 General Physics I 5.00-5.00

PY113 General Physics II 5.00-5.00

PY201 Engineering Physics I 5.00-5.00

PY202 Engineering Physics II 5.00-5.00

RE101 New Testament Literature 3.00-3.00

RE102 Old Testament Literature 3.00-3.00

RE106 Introduction to World Religions 3.00-3.00

SH101 Public Speaking 3.00-3.00

SH103 Oral Interpretation 3.00-3.00

SH122 Voice and Diction 3.00-3.00

SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3.00-3.00

SO100 Fundamentals of Sociology 3.00-3.00

SO101 Marriage and Family 3.00-3.00

SO103 Stress Management 1.00-1.00

SO104 Assertiveness Training 2.00-2.00

SO111 Cultural Anthropology 3.00-3.00

SO113 Cultural Diversity 3.00-3.00

SO122 Introduction to Social Work 3.00-3.00

SO201 Social Problems 3.00-3.00

SP100 Workplace Spanish 2.00-2.00

SP101 Elementary Spanish I 5.00-5.00

SP102 Elementary Spanish II 5.00-5.00

TH115 Theatre Appreciation 3.00-3.00

TH116 Acting I 3.00-3.00

TH118 Stagecraft 3.00-3.00

TH119 Stage Makeup 3.00-3.00

TH121 Acting II 3.00-3.00

TH122 Voice and Diction 3.00-3.00

TH123 Theatre Practicum I 1.00-1.00

TR100 Technical Math 3.00-3.00

TR120 Work Ethics 2.00-2.00

Semester Total - 15

Students completing this degree must complete either two Certificate A options (Auto Collision, Auto Technology, Computer Support Specialist, Construction Technology, Fire Science, Industrial Mechanical Maintenance, Machine Technology, Media Communication & Production, Networking, or Welding Technology) or one Certificate B option (Ag Diesel, Auto Collision, Auto Technology, Business Adm Technologies-Accounting or Office Support, Business Mgmt + Entrepreneurship-Sales or Supervision, Construction Technology , Industrial Electrical Technology, Machine Technology, Networking-Emphasis in Security, or Welding Technology) and a minimum of 15 hours of General Education courses. Additional hours of Technical Concentrator Electives will be required to make up the 64 hours. If the Certificate B option is selected these hours must be from a different technical area (different course prefix).
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