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Cosmetology - AAS

Agriculture, Business, Computers and Technology

Contact: Alex Hass (620)669-4575
Department Co-Chair: Jillene Cunningham (620)665-3479
Department Co-Chair: Sheldon Stewart (620)665-3460

For course descriptions and course prerequisites, click on the course name.

Some Credit Hours

This degree requires 64 credit hours.

First Semester

Course Title Credits
CO102 Cosmetology II 1

Pre-Reqs: CO100 Cosmetology I

CO121 Chemistry & Chemical Texturizing 1.5

CO125 Modern Hair Trends 2

CO126 Salon Success 1

CO160 Salon Services and Operations 1

CO161 Salon Service Techniques 2

CO170 Kansas Laws, Licensing, and Ethics 1.5

CO180 Clinical Experience Foundations 3

Pre-Reqs: CO102 Cosmetology II

CO181 Clinical Operations 3

Pre-Reqs: CO180 Clinical Experience Foundations

CO211 Men's and Women's Hair Design .5

Pre-Reqs: CO102 Cosmetology II

Semester Total - 16.5

Second Semester

Course Title Credits
CO183 Clinical Experience Precision 2.5

Pre-Reqs: CO180 Clinical Experience Foundations

CO200 Cosmetology III 2

Pre-Reqs: CO102 Cosmetology II

CO265 Wigs and Long Hair Design 2.5

CO266 Advanced Cosmetology Services 1

Pre-Reqs: CO121 Chemistry & Chemical Texturizing

CO275 Advanced Nails .5

Pre-Reqs: CO161 Salon Service Techniques

CO276 Cosmetology IV .5

Pre-Reqs: CO265 Wigs and Long Hair Design

CO280 Client Services 2.5

Pre-Reqs: CO181 Clinical Operations, and CO183 Cliical Experience Precision

CO281 Salon Clinical Experience 3

Pre-Reqs: CO280 Client Services

CO283 Complete Cosmetology Operations 3

Pre-Reqs: CO280 Client Services

Semester Total - 17.5

Summer 1

Course Title Credits
CO100 Cosmetology I 3

CO110 Haircutting 3.5

CO111 Trichology & Shampoo Techniques 1

CO120 Hair Coloring 3.5

Semester Total - 11

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