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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration - CERT

Agriculture, Business, Computers and Technology

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Department Co-Chair: Jillene Cunningham (620)665-3479
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Some Credit Hours

This certificate requires 43 credit hours.

First Semester

Course Title Credits
AE100 AC/DC Circuits 4

Introductory course on electrical and electronic theory and their applications to alternating and direct current circuits for beginning students with no formal experience in electricity or electronics.

ME110 Fundamentals of Motor Controls 3

Principles and operations of motor controls with emphasis on maintenance, operation, and utilization.

ME115 HVAC Fundamentals 4

Introduction to the fundamentals of heating and air-conditioning in residential applications including system design and troubleshooting.

TR100 Technical Math 3

Review of basic math principles, through fraction and decimal measurements and equivalents, ratios, powers and roots, and basic geometry for industrial technology program majors assessing 3 or lower with WorkKeys Applied Math; 24 or lower with Accuplacer; 39 or lower with Compass.

Semester Total - 14

Second Semester

Course Title Credits
AE150 Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) 3

This course examines types, installation and troubleshooting of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Hardware and programming aspects, as well as ladder logic symbols and operations necessary to develop a PLC program, are also covered.
Pre-Reqs: ME110 Fundamentals of Motor Controls

AE155 Electrical Maintenance 3

Operation, application, maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical equipment including transformers, relays, motor controls and wiring with emphasis on diagnostic troubleshooting.
Pre-Reqs: AE208 National Electrical Code

ME112 Heating System Fundamentals 3

Electrical controls, their connections and their actions when AC is applied; study electrical principles and practices required of service technicians in refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, and appliance repair in commercial and industrial fields.

ME116 Commercial Refrigeration 4

Introduction to refrigeration systems used for commercial applications.

ME132 HVAC Load Calculations 1

Preparation for licensing in evaluating structures to determine heating and cooling requirements.

ME133 HVAC Duct Sizing 1

Preparation for licensing in evaluating structures to determine duct sizing for heating and cooling systems.

Semester Total - 15

Third Semester

Course Title Credits
ME117 Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning 4

Heating and air conditioning in commercial applications including system design and troubleshooting.
Pre-Reqs: ME115 HVAC Fundamentals, or ME116 Commercial Refrigeration, and EE203 Instruments & Measurements

ME131 EPA 608 1

Preparation and testing for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification in safe refrigerant handling procedures.

ME134 HVAC Code Requirements 1

Preparation for licensing in current common code requirements and issues impacting mechanical contractors.

ME140 Low Pressure Boilers 3

Introduction to safe and efficient operation of low pressure boilers and related equipment.

HVAC Technical Electives 3
Course Title Credits
AE105 Industrial Wiring 3.00-3.00

AE200 Variable Frequency Drives and Electric Motors 3.00-3.00

AE202 Actuator/Sensor Systems 3.00-3.00

AE205 Intermediate Programmable Logic Controllers 3.00-3.00

AE208 National Electrical Code 3.00-3.00

AE250 Distributed/Integrated Control Systems 3.00-3.00

AE252 Control Systems Development 3.00-3.00

AE255 Industrial Robotics 3.00-3.00

ME105 Fundamentals of Instrumentation 3.00-3.00

ME106 Industrial Fluid Power 3.00-3.00

ME107 Manufacturing Management 3.00-3.00

ME114 Renewable Energy Technology 3.00-3.00

ME118 Renewable Energy Technology Systems Analysis 4.00-4.00

ME124 Renewable Energy Technology Maintenance 4.00-4.00

ME125 Engineering Technology Internship 3.00-3.00

ME129 Mechanical Maintenance Skills 3.00-3.00

TR120 Work Ethics 3.00-3.00

TR125 Application of Industrial Practices 8.00-8.00

WE100 Basic Welding 3.00-3.00

WE100C Basic Welding 3.00-3.00

WE101 Welding Safety 1.00-1.00

WE101T Welding Safety I 1.00-1.00

WE102 Welding Blueprint Reading 3.00-3.00

WE104 Shielded Metal Arc Welding 3.00-3.00

WE105 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II 3.00-3.00

WE106 Cutting Processes for Welding 3.00-3.00

WE110 Gas Metal Arc Welding 3.00-3.00

WE111 Gas Metal Arc Welding II 3.00-3.00

WE112 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 3.00-3.00

WE113 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II 3.00-3.00

WE121 Welding Safety II 1.00-1.00

WE128 Welding Metallurgy 2.00-2.00

WE209 Welding Fabrication Processes 4.00-4.00

Industrial Safety Electives 2
Course Title Credits
ME108 Occupational Safety 2.00-2.00

TR121 General Industrial Safety/OSHA10 1.00-1.00

Semester Total - 14

This is a suggested sequence of courses based on the average student load. Not all courses are offered every semester. Consult with your advisor for more information.
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