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Parent Involvement
Parent involvement with your child at HCC's Child Care Center is of utmost importance. Your child and his/her family will become a part of our extended family. We are all contributing members. If we are to experience the caring and responsibility required to enable us to function as a family extension, we need your participation and enthusiasm Your child will see how important his/her out of home care is if you reflect this through active participation. Ways to help
Small and Large Ways to Help

        Attend parent meetings, programs, and workshops
        Volunteer to help teachers prepare activities
        Read to children
        Share your job skills for career education
        Demonstrate a hobby
        Repair equipment
        Bring objects, books or materials that relate to the curriculum of project
        Donate paper, materials, or wonderful, discarded “found” objects with which to create
        Share creative ideas, activities, and materials
        Join us for lunch
        Join us for snacks
        Help with a field trip
        Provide special snacks for birthdays, holidays, or curriculum themes

You are welcome to observe and participate in your child’s “school” at any time.