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The Volunteer Center can connect you to a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in the community. Area non-profit and governmental organizations have listed the details of their needs with the Center through volunteer position descriptions. The Volunteer Center staff looks forward to helping you find a volunteer position where you can make a difference, fill a need and contribute to the quality of life in our community. Volunteers are encouraged to choose volunteer assignments which they perform on a weekly basis. However, some volunteers do not want to be "tied down" and therefore, are called for short-term or special projects assignments only.

The Volunteer Center is a service of Hutchinson Community College and is located in Davis Hall, 815 N. Walnut in Hutchinson.


Volunteer for what?

Volunteers are the 'extra arm' of many non-profit and governmental organizations. They extend the human capacity of agencies and increase each program's ability to provide services to the public. Effective use of volunteer resources is vital to the on-going success and public support of many agencies. In Reno County, there are many non-profit and governmental organizations, as well as, hundreds of individual citizens who can benefit when they share their time as a volunteer. The needs are broad and varied. Tutoring students, delivering meals to homebound persons, providing clerical assistance, serving as a friendly visitor at local nursing homes, mentoring a child, serving as a receptionist or tour guide at a local museum..... the list goes on.

Who is needed?

You are. Simply call The Volunteer Center at 665-4960 or e-mail, schedule a time to complete an application form and meet with a staff member. We will review the variety of volunteer needs in our community with you.

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