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Reno County On Board, a service of The Volunteer Center of Reno County initiated by the Young Professionals of Reno County is an effort to strengthen community organizations by helping identify a larger, more varied pool of people willing to serve on area non-profit boards of directors, advisory groups and community committees.

Why Reno County on Board?

The following needs have been expressed in the community:

  • Directors of non-profit organizations and local government officials have indicated difficulty in locating new board, advisory council and planning committee members who will be active participants.
  • Civic organizations are struggling to recruit and maintain new members.
  • Many Reno County citizens have suggested they are not aware of opportunities to serve on boards, nor are they fully aware of the obligations associated with this membership.
  • Finally, having a broader pool of candidates for board / council / committee openings would help organizations avoid stagnation that can occur when there is little diversity in their leadership. (Examples: age, race, socioeconomic status, geographic representation in the county, etc.)

After reading the section below, if you are interested in registering for Reno County On Board,
please fill out the Interest form. Then save it to your desktop and e-mail it as an attachment to

If you are a organization wanting to register your board, advisory council or committee opportunities
with On Board, please fill out the Request for Volunteer Assistance form.

How it works:

Interested area non-profit and governmental organizations will provide The Volunteer Center a written, detailed description of board, advisory group, or committee service opportunities. The mission of the organization, terms of service and responsibilities will be listed. This is done on-line at Staff will review the information provided and follow up for clarification if needed. The information will then be entered into the Reno County on Board database at The Volunteer Center.

Area residents interested in listing their interest in board, council, or community service will register with Reno County on Board. Registration is available at The Volunteer Center website. They will agree to the terms of participation which will allow for their name and contact information to be provided to organizations seeking new board, council, or committee members.

The names and contact information of prospective board, council, and committee members will be maintained in The Volunteer Center’s database.

When an organization is looking for new board, council, or committee candidates they may contact The Volunteer Center. A list of individuals registered with Reno County on Board will be made available to the organization for consideration.

The organization will be responsible for contacting individuals they want to visit with about possible board, council, or committee service. The organization will make its decision using their established procedures for leadership positions. The organization will be under no obligation to select any or all of the potential candidates from the Reno County on Board list provided by The Volunteer Center.

The organization will provide orientation and instruction to individuals elected or placed in board, council, or committee service as needed to complete the position to the best of his /her abilities.

Only those organizations with a description of their board, council or committee position/s on file with The Volunteer Center will be eligible to receive contact information for persons interested in serving in leadership positions.

In an effort to measure the impact of this effort, individuals and organizations using the Reno County on Board service will be asked to notify The Volunteer Center when the Reno County On Board service results in a new board, council or committee member being elected or placed.

Call us at 620-665-4960 or send e-mail to

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