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Volunteer Opportunities

Offering a Wide Variety of Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout Reno County, people of all ages are needed to volunteer for non-profit and governmental organizations. The services they provide are important. The list is long and the opportunities are varied. Some volunteers choose to have a set schedule, others prefer to be on-call for special projects and still some choose seasonal opportunities. The staff at The Volunteer Center is happy to help you find a volunteer position that fits your time available and area of interest.

Some opportunities are listed below

Many more volunteer opportunities are on file at The Volunteer Center. For more detailed information about these and other opportunities call 665-4960 or e-mail

The Volunteer Center is home of the Reno County Retired Senior Volunteer Program and Volunteer Action Corps. RSVP offers retired and semi-retired persons numerous opportunities for involvement in the community. Persons under age 55 can participate through the Volunteer Action Corp. RSVP/VAC Volunteers help others in need and at the same time learn new skills, make new friends, develop a greater sense of life satisfaction, and remain active in the life of the community. At the same time, by matching volunteers qualifications (time, talents, and years of experience) with needs of area non-profit and governmental organizations, we provide a valuable service to the community.

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