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For more than 80 years, Hutchinson Community College has been the premier two-year educational institution in Kansas.  We welcome you here…come learn more.
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Dragon Tradition


The Blue Dragon, HCC’s official mascot, was selected by student vote in 1930.  Affectionately known as Duke, the Blue Dragon is a part of HCC tradition.


Power Dragon

Tiger Tale Dragon

1980 Dragon

70's Dragon

50's-60's Dragon

40's Dragon

large size power dragon

The HCC "Power Dragon" is owned and managed by the HCC Alumni and Friends Association.

Designed in 1998 by artist Tom Denny, the Power Dragon provides a modern and up-to-date look, and serves as the official logo for HCC Athletics.

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The "Tiger Tail Dragon" is actually the officially-adopted dragon logo for Hutchinson Community College. Designed in 1995 by the Lowen Corporation of Hutchinson, the Dragon was approved as the official college Dragon logo by the HCC Board of Trustees in July of 1995.

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Esther Stoss, a long-time secretary in the Social Sciences Department at HCC, has been an amateur artist for years, and has a passion for drawing Blue Dragons.

Over the years, she has rendered her version of Duke the Dragon in a variety of activities, ranging from Duke doing Homework, to Duke Cheering at the Game. Many of her original drawings grace the hallways and lounge areas of Lockman Hall.

large size 1973 power dragon

Over the years, the Blue Dragon has undergone many changes and looks, and this logo represents one of the many Blue Dragons that have appeared in HCC Yearbooks and on letterhead and apparel. Many of the dragons have been drawings or images created by students or staff, and then adopted for unofficial use by areas of the college to portray the mascot.

large size 1963 dragon

Another artist's rendering of Blue Dragon, the Wyatt Dragon is one of many the college has utilized to represent HCC through the years. This particular Dragon was designed to be used on recruiting materials for the college. It is believed to be drawn in the early 1960s.

large size 1930 dragon

The Dickerson Dragon - The oldest dragon in existence, this Blue Dragon was the original. In the 1929 spring assembly, the student body at HCC selected the Blue Dragon as the official mascot of the junior college, and chose the colors scarlet and blue, in part, to show affinity for the University of Kansas, where many HCC students chose to continue their education.

Student Donald Dickerson drew the first Blue Dragon and it appeared in print in the 1930 edition of The Scarlue, which served as the yearbook for the college at the time.

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